About us

8th Street Pizza sprang to life back in October 2016, when Jeff stumbled upon a quaint Baker's Pride Pizza oven while seeking a rental space for Clean Socks Hope at the old Robinson Nugent factory. 8th Street Pizza is more than a New York-style pizzeria; it's a beacon of community spirit and generosity, with a pay-it-forward ethos at its heart. This is a place where pizza and people connect, creating a delicious harmony.

Here at 8th Street Pizza (& Clean Socks Hope), we believe: "Our identity is not solely in who we are, but in the positive community impact we've made. We stand out from the crowd with our unique focus on intentional corporate social responsibility (CSR)." #8thStreetPizza #makeadifferencetoday #PizzaWithAHeart

8th Street Pizza is a unique blend of a fast casual restaurant and a socially conscious cafe. Rather than profits flowing into the pockets of an owner, our proceeds are channeled directly into supporting the deserving community of New Albany (IN). Order Now and order often, it might just be your neighbor that needs a helping hand! #ElevatedEats